The Preaching Course, Charlotte Baptist Chapel

Colin Adams, pastor of Charlotte Baptist Chapel in Edinburgh, Scotland, recently held it’s first Preaching Course and it’s worth a listen.  Although the audio isn’t available for all the sessions, a few are. The material is foundational, and there are many nuggets of very helpful advice for sermon preparation. Colin’s blog, Unashamed Workman, is also another very helpful blog for preachers and teachers.

Digging Into the Text pt 1 – Colin Adams
Digging Into the Text pt 2 – Colin Adams
Preaching Different Genres – Peter Grainger
Commentary Capers – Colin Adams
Very Basic Sermon Components – Colin Adams

Biblical Leadership seminar with Alexander Strauch

Alexander Strauch gave a 4 message seminar to Desert Springs Church on the subject of Biblical Leadership.  If you are in ministry and haven’t yet heard Strauch on eldership or church leadership, this will be a good seminar to get into, even if you are a congregationalist or have no elders.

Biblical Leadership series >>>

Revelation with Dr. G. K. Beale

Fascinating seminar by Dr. G. K. Beale on the book of Revelation, and it’s much more than that.  Dr. Beale takes a considerable amount of time to interpret elements that set up some major steps in Revelation, such as the temple, mankind as image bearers of God, and the mantle of Adam as figured by Noah, Abraham and the patriarchs.  He also shows how the Jewish Temple is a picture of Eden, and a prefiguration of Christ and the Holy Spirit in believers.

This seminar was hosted by Desert Springs Church in Albuquerque.

G. K. Beale’s Revelation Seminar >>>

Why We Believe the Bible, John Piper

John Piper’s seminar for the Bethlehem Institute focused on questions surrounding Scripture, it’s canonicity, reliability and answering critics of the Bible. As to be expected, Piper is very thoughtful and provides a lot of wise advice, as well has historical information, that will open your eyes and help you think more solidly about Scripture.

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