Tom Nelson’s Church History: The Footprints of God

Tom Nelson is not the Thomas Nelson of the publishing house by the same name; Tom Nelson is senior pastor of Denton Bible Church, Denton, Texas, and an wonderfully clear and biblical preacher.

Covering 2000 years of church history is no easy task. I’ve listened to many series on Church History and Tom’s is one of the most concise and accessible. In fact, it’s addicting. On a recent road trip I played the first session for my family of six and we listened to 8 sessions.

This is a great series that is informative, entertaining, challenging, and refreshing. Know where your theology came from, and download this excellent series on Church History. You won’t be disappointed.

Sermon 1 – The Age of Catholic Christianity A.D. 70-312
Sermon 2 – The Age of Imperial Christianity A.D. 312-590
Sermon 3 – The Age of Imperial Christianity (Part Two)
Sermon 4 – The Age of Christendom A.D. 590-1517
Sermon 5 – The Rumblings of Reform
Sermon 6 – The Age of Reformation A.D. 1517-1648
Sermon 7 – The Age of Reformation (Con’t) A.D. 1517-1648
Sermon 8 – The Age of Reason and Revival 1648 – 1789
Sermon 9: The First Great Awakening 1720-1740
Sermon 10: The Second Great Awakening 1787 – 1810
Sermon 11: The Revival of 1857: “The Layman’s Prayer Revival”
Sermon 12: The Rise of Liberalism: The Late 1800′s to Present
Sermon 13: The Rise of Pentecostalism: 1867 – Present

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The Life and Ministry of C. H. Spurgeon

Phil Johnson gave a series of excellent addresses on the life and ministry of Charles Spurgeon. Johnson has become something of a Spurgeon expert while running the fabulous Spurgeon archive, and he has given us a tremendous gift in this series of messages. Johnson looks at various aspects of Spurgeon’s life, such as his conversion, his marriage, his gout, his theology, his ministry and his battles. Very interesting and edifying. Don’t miss these gems.

Phil delivered these messages in 2006 at Sovereign Grace Baptist Church in Rio Rico, Arizona.


Life & Ministry of C.H. Spurgeon >>>

American Reformation Heritage

Darryl Hart builds a case for rethinking our ecclesiology. Currently we have 3 kinds of churches: doctrinal, cultural, and pietists.  Hart argues for a 4th category which he calls confessional.  These were delivered in 2005 at the Reformation Heritage Conference.

Session One: “Where Are We Now?: An Evaluation of Reformed Christianity in America” Click Here

Session Two: “The Appeal & Disappointment of Evangelicalism: Is Reformed Christianity Evangelical?” Click Here

Session Three: “Putting the Reformation back in Reformed Christianity” Click Here

American Reformation Heritage >>>

Herman Bavinck Introduced by Ron Gleason

Reformed Dogmatics (4 Volume Set)If you poke around Reformed circles you’re eventually going to hear about a man named Herman Bavinck. If you don’t know who he is, well, join the crowd. However, he seems to be a man worth knowing.

Herman Bavinck is a Dutch Reformed pastor of the late 19th, early 20th centuries, who wrote what many consider to be the best Reformed systematic theology in print. Bavinck is solid, balanced, and very well informed.

Being Dutch, his works have not been translated into English until very recently, and hence, the new notariety for Bavinck. As one of the panelists said, even though he can read Dutch and wrestle through Bavinck’s work in Dutch, having it in English is a gold mine.

Ron Gleason, pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church in Yorba Linda, California, and co-editor of the book Reformed or Conforming, is currently finishing a soon to be published biography of this man Herman Bavinck. His discussion with the folks at Christ the Center provides a very intriquing picture of this man and his work.

The interview begins with Gleason talking about his work on the book Reformed or Conforming.

Ron Gleason Interview on Herman Bavinck mp3 >>>

John Angell James: Pursuing the Souls of the Next Generation

David Michael presented an intriging biographical sketch on the life of John Angell James, an English preacher of the early 19th century who wrote many helpful books such as ‘A Help to Domestic Happiness’, ‘The Christian Father’s Present to His Children’, ‘Female Piety’, and ‘An Earnest Ministry.’ 

James is well known for his instruction in the home, and it is this focus that David Michael takes in his biographical sketch of James which he presented at The 2007 Children Desiring God conference.  Biographical sketches allow us not only to learn good habits and ways of thinking, it helps us to learn from failures.  There are many rich gems in this address that will challenge any parent in the way they daily lead their children to a life dependant on God.

John Angell James: Pursuing the Souls of the Next Generation >>>

Reformation and Modern Church History with Dr. David Calhoun

Church historian David Calhoun’s lectures on church history have been made available online by Covenant Theological Seminary.  These excellent lectures should not be missed.  The old saying, ‘Those who don’t know history are bound to repeat it’ holds a particular truth for Christians.  We must know church history.  Calhoun does a great job of making church history accessible and interesting.


Dr. David Calhoun’s Reformation and Modern Church History lectures>>>