2008 Together for Adoption Conference

The ministry of Together for Adoption is led by Dan Cruver and Jason Kovacs, both who are passionate for Christians to be involved in adopting orphans.  The message titles give a very clear picture of what this conference is about:  “The Good News of Adoption”, “The Cosmic Significance of Adoption”, “Adoption in God’s Story of Redemption”, “Our Adoption and Visiting Orphans in their Affliction.”

The speakers make a strong appeal for the need of the church to be more involved in adoption, and they support their admonition by drawing from our adoption as sons and daughters into the kingdom of God, and our instruction of visiting orphans in their affliction.

Also available on the same page are other sermons and addresses on adoption from a wide variety of well-known speakers such at C. J. Mahaney, Russell Moore, Derek Thomas, John Piper and many others, most of whom have adopted children.

Unfortunately, my internet filter has blocked my ability to download these messages, but I have been able to listen to a few of them in streaming format, as I have opportunity.  This is a very good resource of information if you have the ability and/or interest in adoption.

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The Eschatology of Adoption

David Garner of Westminster Theological Seminary joins the Christ the Center team to discuss the much neglected subject of adoption.  Garner begins his discussion by relating how his interest in the theology of adoption was sparked and led him to an in depth study that resulted in a dissertation, and will culminate into the publication of a book sometime next year.

There are only 5 instances of the use of the Greek term for adoption, but it is nonetheless incredibly important. Garner opens up the glory of this amazing doctrine.

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Doctrines of Justification & Adoption: Grudem Systematic Theology series

Grudem carefully looks at the doctrine of Justification and briefly tackles the New Perspectives on Paul which challenges the traditional Reformed understanding of Justification by faith alone. 

The doctrine of Adoption is a great cause of praise in how we have been given the great priviledge of being God’s son’s and daughters, and fully enjoy the benefits this status.

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