David Robertson, Defender of the Faith

David Robertson has a lot of guts.  David Robertson wrote a very sober, fair and critical open series of letters in response to atheist Richard Dawkin’s salacious book ‘The God Delusion’.  The letters found their way onto Richard Dawkin’s website, and was the subject of a fiery frenzy of ridicule and hatred by Dawkin’s followers.  I remember being shocked at the venom that Dawkin’s followers aimed at this man who attempted to carefully respond to.  Certainly, Dawkin’s is not defined by those who comment on his site, yet after reading his book of atheistic ideology, I can see what amounts to clear motivation.

Robertson is interviewed by Christ the Center about the book that developed out of this series of open letters.  There is also a second radio interview included that offers a variety of new information.

David Robertson is pastor of St. Peters Free Church in Dundee Scotland. Thank God for men like Robertson who are willing to carefully and articulately engage the culture that we live in.

Interview at CTC >>>

Radio Interview about ‘The Dawkins Letters’ >>>

Audio of Robertson’s Sermons >>>