Atonement: Scripture on Penal Substitution

The Master’s Seminary Faculty Lecture series for 2009 looks at penal substitution, which is under heavy attack in some corners of “Christianity”.  TMS is known for very thorough academic level work, and these messages will be published in the TMS Journal soon.

  • “The Scriptural Necessity of Christ’s Penal Substitution” by Richard L. Mayhue
  • “Penal Substitution in the Old Testament” by William D. Barrick
  • “Penal Substitution in the New Testament: A Focused Look at First Peter” by Paul W. Felix
  • “Penal Substitution in Church History” by Michael A. Vlach
  • “Worthy is the Lamb that Was Slain: Penal Substitution and Christian Worship” by Andrew V. Snider
  • From TMS:

    Because of recent attacks on this crucial doctrine, we believe this will be one of the most important issues that the journal has ever published.

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    Loving the Church

    Ted Kluck joins Christ the Center to discuss his book Why We Love the Church which he coauthored with Kevin DeYoung.  Ted offers a lot of helpful insights in thinking about the church, how to handle challenges, when to leave a church and when not to, and how many contemporary church movements have lost the beauty of what the church was designed to be.

    This was a very enjoyable conversation.

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    Truth and Error in the Church

    Christ the Center interviews Martin Downes, minister of Christ Church in Deeside Wales, and author of the book Risking Truth: Handling Error in the Church.

    Downes discusses how church leaders should handle error when it arises in the church, and how to handle people on both sides of the fence.   He makes helpful distinctions between harmful error and soul destroying error.  Downes also warns leaders of finding more thrill in the chase of error than in love of Christ and the gospel.

    Very helpful discussion.

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    Office Hours, Westminster Seminary

    Westminster Seminary California has begun a new monthly mp3 installment that will be posted on their website or available through iTunes.

    From their website:

    Season I of Office Hours introduces you to the faculty of WSC through personal 30-minute interviews, discussing biblical and exegetical questions, historical and theological questions, pastoral matters, and Christian living.

    The first two interviews are posted now, the first episode is an interview of WSC President W. Robert Godfrey. The second episode is an interview with Julius J. Kim, Associate Professor of Practical Theology.

    Office Hours >>>

    Collections: John V. Fesko

    John Fesko is Academic Dean of Westminster Seminar California, and past pastor of Geneva Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Woodstock, Georgia.  He has written two books, Justification; Understanding the Classic Reformed Doctrine, and Last Things First; Unlocking Genesis with the Christ of Eschatology.

    Geneva Orthodox Presbyterian Church has an archive of Fesko’s sermons available.

    Geneva Orthodox Pres audio >>>