The Theology of Turretin: Maurice Roberts

Francis Turretin (1623-1687) lived in Geneva during a period of church history that is described as the “high watermark of Reformed theology”.  Turrentin is a “towering figure among Genevan Reformers” and has recieved high praise from theologians. 

Roberts traces the theological battles that Turretin faced, many of which we face today under new names. Turretin battled socinianism, which today we see in the Openess of God form of theology. 

The generation following Turretin saw the turn toward a decline in strong theology, and in fact, was helped by Turretin’s own son.

Roberts delivered this address as the closing lecture of the Free Church Seminary 2007/2008 school year. It is not a sermon, but is aimed at theological students, and will be a dry listen if you’re not so inclined toward seminary lectures.

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