The Westminster Conference

I was recently directed to the Westminster Conference by a reader. This is the same Westminster Conference that Martyn Lloyd-Jones and J. I. Packer began in 1951.  Speaking about those who formed this conference the site has this to say:

They were not uncritical followers of the Puritans but saw them as outstanding Christian teachers whose challenges could not be ignored. The Puritans helped to establish an important tradition of Biblical thinking and pastoral theology which was often recovered in later times of revival. For these reasons, fairly early on, the interest was broadened beyond the Puritans and the Conference was advertised as being for “theological and historical study with especial reference to the Puritans.”

I will certainly be sampling message from this site as I have time.

Westminster Conference Audio >>>

Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary Conferences Online

All of the Spring Conferences of GPTS dating back to 1998  have been made available online.

The full messages posted for these conferences:

1998 Southern Presbyterian
1999 Did God Create in 6 Days
2000 Written for our Instruction: The Sufficiency of Scripture for All of Life
2001  Sanctification: Growing in Grace
2002 Reformed Spirituality: Communing with our Glorious God
2003 The Worship of God
2004 The Covenant
2005 The Doctrine of the Church
2006 The Triumph of Christ: The Missionary Enterprise of the Church
2007 The Christian Worldview: Thinking God’s Thoughts

Only a sampling of messages posted for these conferences:

2008 A Reformed View of End Times
2009 John Calvin: 500Years in Retrospect
2010 The Nature and Sufficiency of Scripture

GPTS Conference Audio >>>

Biblical Leadership seminar with Alexander Strauch

Alexander Strauch gave a 4 message seminar to Desert Springs Church on the subject of Biblical Leadership.  If you are in ministry and haven’t yet heard Strauch on eldership or church leadership, this will be a good seminar to get into, even if you are a congregationalist or have no elders.

Biblical Leadership series >>>

Equipped to Serve, with D. A. Carson

Carson’s three lectures and Q&A looks at a few passages in Paul’s pastorals to Timothy about equipping believers to serve the Gospel.  In true Carson fashion, Don brings a clear eye to some difficult subjects such as women in ministry, the emergent church, qualifications of elders, honest minstry work, among many other subjects.  This is a gem of a series.

Delivered to the Yorkshire Gospel Partnership in 2006.

2006 Equipped to Serve >>>

Brothers Feel Think Preach God — Piper

Three messages by Piper and a Q&A with Piper and Wayne Grudem, from the 2006 Phoenix Seminary Pastor’s Conference.  These messages are on the centrality of God in the life of a pastor and provides excellent food for thought and encouragement/admonition for pastors.  The Q&A is just as challenging as Piper’s messages are.  The thing I love about Piper is he forces you to deal with Scripture yoked together with real life. 

The Centrality of God in the Feeling of a Pastor >>>

The Centrality of God in the Thinking of a Pastor >>>

The Centrality of God in the Preaching of a Pastor >>>

Q&A with John Piper and Wayne Grudem >>>

Entrust Seminar: Path to Pastoral Ministry of Sovereign Grace Churches

This 2006 seminar is helpful for men who are considering to pursue pastoral or elder level ministry.    Dave Harvey’s message ‘Ambition and the Called’ is particulary insightful as he differentiates between human ambition and godly ambition. 

Harvey also makes the statement, “It’s not unusual for God to call a man to ministry and then immediately put on the brakes, and cast them into the wilderness, sometimes for a long period of time.  God’s calling operates on His timing, and not ours.  And when the time is right he will place that man into the ministry He has for him” (my paraphrase).

2006 Entrust Seminar>>>

New Attitude 2006 Conference on MP3

 New Attitude Conferences are brought by Joshua Harris, pastor of Covenant Life Church in Gaithersburg, Maryland, and Sovereign Grace Ministries. They are geared toward singles and young married couples, but relevant to all ages.

Aside from the usual NA suspects, Mark Dever, Mike Bullmore, Bruce Ware and Al Mohler joined the ranks as they rallied under the banner of ‘Humble Orthodoxy.’ 

Having just published his excellent two volume Bible survey ‘Promises Made’ and ‘Promises Kept’, Mark Dever brings a message ‘The Story: Understanding the Story line of the Bible.’  Justin Taylor weighs in with a very good analysis of the Emerging church movement.  Al Mohler draws us to consider ‘Cultural Discernment from a Biblical Worldview.’

One of my big surprises was being introduced to Mike Bullmore.  Bullmore brought two excellent messages, one about applying the Gospel to all of life, and a second about feeding on God’s Word.  I hope to see more from this pastor of Crossway Community Church in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Sovereign Grace store is offering the entire MP3 set on CD for a great price>>>