Mark Dever: 4 Sermons on Job

Want to understand the core themes and key lessons of the book of Job?  Mark Dever’s 4 sermons on the book of Job does just that, and he carefully applies these lessons to our lives with great insight. 

Mark also does a masterful job explaining Job’s sin of questioning God’s hand in the face of Job’s own supposed righteousness.  Job’s questioning of God was a form of sin, but Mark pastorally helps us to see when questioning God is sin and when it is not.  Job’s repentence before God is an incredible picture of a man submitting himself and his sense of fairness before a holy God.

Job’s Trials, Job 1-2 >>>

Job’s Questions, Job 3 >>>

Job’s Friends, Job 4-37 >>>

Job’s God, Job 38-42 >>>

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