Psalms Project

Union University Chapel has begun a series of guest chapel lectures to focus on the Psalms.

Ray Ortlundt kicked off the series with a very thoughtful and impassioned look at Psalm 1. I really enjoy Ortlundt’s preaching, and this one was a real treat. One great quote (paraphrase) to whet your taste buds, “What we delight in will shape our eternity.”

Ray Ortlundt: Psalm 1 – The Word and Worship>>>

Craig Blaising looks at how the Psalms were used in the early church as a part of the worship.

Craig Blaising: The Psalms in Early Christian Worship >>>

John Witvliet takes a fresh, and very stirring, look at the Psalms as a guide to exercise our interaction with God.  He makes a special point for worship leaders not to get too hung up on style, but on content.  Our musical worship should give us voice to say things to God that we don’t normally say.

John Witvliet: A Gymnasium for the Soul >>>


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