Martin Luther and the German Reformation

Carl Trueman spoke at the 2007 Reformation Heritage Conference at Grace Presbyterian Church in Douglasville, Georgia.

I must say I learned some big things about Luther, particularly regarding his view on transubstantiation in the Lord’s Supper.  Trueman does a good job of putting it into context and then explaining how Luther was able to embrace this error.

If you have any interest in Luther or the circumstances surrounding the Reformation you will want to give these your attention.

The German Reformation >>>

2 thoughts on “Martin Luther and the German Reformation

  1. Some interesting errors… St Giles Cathedral was built as a Catholic Church. The focus there as in Cologne Cathedral was the altar. The altar at st Giles was destroyed in 1560. however visit the ” cathedral ” today ( by the way it was nver a Catholic Cathedral and just a parish church. Anglican King Charles the first made it a cathedral) and the lords table is in the centre. plus the fact there are now stained glass windws and sa statue of John Knox.

    Luther and Lutherans kept the eastward postition of the celebrant.

    Luther even retained the elevation of the bread.

    However the clincher for me is that if jusification by faith alone ( as opposed to salvation by grace alone..which is Catholic teaching ) is true where is it before Luther? No one teaches it…not even dissidents like Huss and Wyclif. is to suggest that justification by faith alone is the heart of the Gospel, and that it is missing for all those centuries is to virtually say the Gates of Hell prevailed against the Church. Howver un worthy individual Catholics were , the Gospel was never lost.

    The more you think about that, the more you become uneasy with the theory.A a former believer in the doctrine I respectfully ask all readers of this comment to look deeper than the stereo-typical Protestant view of Luther. and read the Catholic response. God bless you all.

  2. Robert, I’m not interested in starting a debate as that is not the purpose of this site. I will say that Justification by Faith is the New Testament teaching. You can also find references to the early church fathers supporting Justification by faith alone in John Fesko’s book ‘Justification’.

    If you are really interested in a Biblical defense of Justification by faith alone listen to some of the messages on this link:

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