Galatians and the Problem of Self Justification: Horton & Carson

Don Carson and Michael Horton spoke at Desert Springs Church’s Clarus Conference the first week of May 2008. The subject was Galatians and the Problem of Self Justification.

There is a lot of great material here, particlularly in the Q&A sessions.  Carson brings his sharp mind to bear on many ways we tend to decieve ourselves in self-justification, even though we may have a very clear doctrinal understanding of justification.   I find it hard to encapsulate this conference because it seemed to cover a wide gamut of things, probably due to different ways of applying the Galatians passages to the church and personal lives that resulted in the Q&A’s.  The speakers skirted from the New Perspective on Paul, personal ministry disciplines, to finding the will of God.

Clarus Conference links at Between Two Worlds >>>

Clarus Conference links at Desert Springs Church audio archive >>>


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