God and Richard Dawkins

John Lennox delivered a fascinating and very informative seminar at the European Leadership Forum which examines the arguments and influence of the modern atheists in the camp of Richard Dawkins.

Lennox identifies a foundational flaw in most arguments for or against evolution, and that is that most arguments are rooted in the miniscule details while avoiding the larger questions that must provide the proper framework for such discussions and debates.  He spends a great deal of time aquainting us with those larger issues while using many contemporary arguments of evolutionists and showing their flaws.

One thing I was suprised to hear is that today’s evolutionary scientists don’t believe in chance as they once did.  They recognize the sheer incalculation of such luck.  As one said, evolution requires luck, but not that much luck.  So they turn to a mechanism of design, which ends up being natural selection, to help massage the odds, so to speak.

Lennox examines the main arguments of Dawkin’s ‘The Blind Watchmaker’ at some length.  He also relates how he has seen a small, but noticable change in the scientific community away from embracing evolution as a process that adds or creates information in the process.  And he suggests Christian’s should not dismiss Darwin so readily, because Darwin’s observations in micro-evolution (in other word’s adaptation) is good science, and demonstrates a certain flexibility in organisms to adapt to their environment.  But Darwin’s hypothesis to extend that into macro-evolution is unsustainable.

The audio file is a massive 2 hours long.  The lecture being about 1 hour, and a lengthy Q&A taking up the rest.  This is a very helpful lecture, and I hope to find more lectures by Lennox.

God and Richard Dawkins page >>>

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