If you haven’t been to you should drop by and look around. is a tremendous resource of audio on apologetics, culture, creationism, world religions and much more. is part of the UCCF Christian Unions. >>>

2 thoughts on “Be

  1. Hello Todd,

    I hope you are well. As a frequent visitor to your site, I noticed an ‘Ads by Google’ link which asked something along the lines of ‘Where Are The British in Bible Prophecy?’ Clicking through the links I realised it was the United Church of God. I just wondered (graciously!) if you were aware of the UCG and whether you were happy to have them advertise on your webpage? Do you have any say on what ads Google can place on your page?
    Anyway, God bless you and your family in our Lord Jesus Christ,

    Allan Clare.

  2. Allan, thanks for the note. Unfortunately, since my site is hosted by the Google ads are automatically generated. As far as I know I have no control over them. I have no association with the UCG, nor would I recommend anyone follow that movement. Thanks again for the note. I may at some point migrate to a paid host which would eliminate the Google ad problem.

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