Three Lectures on Preaching: Mike Bullmore

Josh Harris is writing a series of posts on preachers and their notes, providing a link to an audio sermon and a link to a PDF document of the actual preaching notes that were taken to the pulpit.

His post on Bullmore also provides links to 3 lectures on preaching, as well as links to other sites that have more sermons by Bullmore. 

‘Watch your Preaching’ is one of the most practical messages on preaching I’ve heard.  Bullmore suggests limiting yourself to 2 commentarys at the end of the preparation to dialog with the commentators.  Too many commentaries will overload you with information that you have to edit, and it will rob you of your voice.

One interesting tidbit that Harris shares:  Bullmore preaches his sermon in his barn on Sunday morning and makes additional notes before heading to the pulpit.  Very comforting to me because I have to hear myself preach my message and make adjustments before giving it as well. And I just thought I was weird.

Mike Bullmore on Josh Harris’ blog >>>


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