Liam Goligher

Liam Goligher is pastor of Duke Street Church in Surrey, UK, and he is a solid British preacher.  His two messages on the Lord’s Prayer were very good.  Unfortunately the church is revamping it’s website and audio archive.  The old one is still active but will soon be defunct.

Adrian Warnock has a 4 part interview of Liam plus a video interview:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Video Interview

The audio page for the church is here.

Duke Street Church audio page >>>

One thought on “Liam Goligher

  1. Hi Faith by Hearing,

    I work on the Duke Street site, thanks for linking to us.

    We hope to have a much better sermon searching facility up and running soon.

    I can let you know when if you like? So you can update this post.


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