Colin Buchanan

If you have children, you will be interested in an Australian musician named Colin Buchanan.  Colin is a singer and songwriter of Christian children’s music primarily, but also writes music adults will enjoy. Colin is a regular follower of Faith by Hearing, and when he learned that my wife became ill and bedridden, and that I have four children to care for, he contacted me and sent us a care package filled with his CD’s and DVD’s.

My kids love them. Most Christian music for kids tends to be empty of any substantive theology (and now that I think about it, the same is true for much of adult Christian music.) But Colin’s music stands apart.   His songs are fun and silly, yet his lyrics are filled with very strong theology presented in a way that children will understand.  Where are the theologian musicians? Here is one, and my church has even introduced one of Colin’s beautiful songs into our worship, a song titled ‘Blessed Be the Name of Jesus.’

And, hey! If you don’t believe me, you have to believe this little guy on YouTube rocking out to Colin’s music.

Thank you, Colin, for your ministry in music. By the way, my wife is greatly improved, though still on the road to full recovery.

Colin’s website

2 thoughts on “Colin Buchanan

  1. Nice music, I have never heard of him before…It is true Christian music for kids can be very shallow theologically. There are intriguing and pleasant exceptions, though. Like, for instance, the Seeds Family (Bible verses set to music). Or this charming combination of music, fairytale and Scripture wisdom:

  2. Hey hey,

    I’m in Oz and have had some Colin’s stuff for a couple of years now. He really is great. And its fantastic when the kids ask for his CD to be put on or when you overhear them around the house singing the lyrics to Colin’s songs.

    Truly great stuff 😀

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