9 Marks interview and Christian Rap

Mark Dever interviews two Christian rap artists about their music, craft and ministry: Shai Linne and Curtis Allen, “The Voice”.

I first heard about Shai Linne from a student at a college retreat I recently spoke at, and to be very honest, I didn’t give the student who told me much consideration.  I came home, looked up Shai Linne on the Internet, and within a few minutes I was hooked.  Shai has more theology in one song than most pastors have in in a years worth of preaching.  When was the last time you heard a contemporary Christian song deal with penal substitutionary atonement?

Curtis Allen is in seminary and preparing for the pastorate. Shai Linne is active in his Sovereign Grace church and is considering seminary.

9 Marks interview on Christian Rap >>>

Shai Linne’s MySpace page >>>

Shai Linne’s blog Lyrical Theology >>>

Lampmode Music Label >>>

Curtis Allen (the Voice) MySpace page >>>


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