The End of the Christian Life Podcast with J. Todd Billings

J. Todd Billings is a pastor who was diagnosed with terminal cancer a number of years ago. As he has grappled with his diagnosis, he has written two remarkable books: Rejoicing in Lament and The End of the Christian Life. Rejoicing in Lament helps us recover the language and purpose of lament that not only gives us expression for our confusion, pain and sorrow, but leads us to rejoicing in the character of God and his greater purposes.

The End of the Christian Life helps us to embrace our mortality so that we can truly live however many years God has in store for us.

Part of his research for The End of the Christian Life involved producing a podcast to talk with some key people whose writings helped him to grapple with his book. He has made those podcasts available on his website. The interviews are engaging and they challenge how we understand our end as Christians.

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On the Christian Practice of Lament

Jonathan Leeman at 9 Marks interviews Mark Vroegop on the subject of lament. Mark recently published a book on lament called Dark Clouds Deep Mercy.

Crawford Loritts says in an endorsement, “Mark Vroegop reminds us that grief and sorrow are not the denial of God’s presence or a lack of faith in God’s sovereign care. God calls us to lament, to give expression to our pain and sorrow, which in turn leads to authentic hope, healing, and health. Vroegop shepherds our hearts and shows us the path to discovering ‘deep mercy in dark clouds.’ This book is a hope-filled treasure!”

In this 9 Marks podcast Jonathan and Mark talk about the necessity of lament, it’s healthy place in the Christian Life, and provide some careful marks that distinguish godly lament from complaining at God.

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