John MacArthur on the Benefits of Suffering for Christ

The world today is not the same world many of us grew up in. The coming years will likely see big falling away from the church as “Christians” won by a false gospel of prosperity and self-fulfillment will begin to abandon those churches promises and prophecies have been shown empty. The falling away will also be fueled by a rise of persecution against Christians in Western society.

In this message John MacArthur addresses the alien gospel that has taken hold of much of the church, and he clarifies what the true gospel of the Bible teaches. He warns us that our Western society is moving toward a greater intolerance, even hostility, toward those who hold biblical convictions. The Equality Act will lay the ground work for this. But we need not be discouraged or fearful, rather we should be excited that God has placed us here for such a time as this.

MacArthur directs us to the example of the Apostle Paul and the persistent sufferings he endured while faithfully serving Christ, serving the church, and advancing the Gospel. By Paul’s example, he encourages Christians, and particularly pastors and leaders, to have the courage to stand for biblical truth in this world of growing hostility.

The Benefits of Suffering for Christ >>>

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