Sinclair Ferguson on the Puritans

Sinclair Ferguson delivered this lecture at the dedication to the opening of the Puritan Resource Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Ferguson has spent his life drinking from Puritan writings, and this message overflows with valuable observations that help us today.

The difference between a Puritan church and an evangelical, is that if you would ask the average evangelical how they would characterize their church they would say that we preach the Word of God from the pulpit. But for the Puritan, that doesn’t go far enough. The Puritan would demand that preaching would give a platform for the Word of God to go into the hearts and lives of the people. “There is a crying need for clear, discriminating, fundamental, simple yet profound, heart-searching, heart-warming, heart-illuminating preaching. What we don’t need today are more famous preachers. What we need today are more godly, educated, resident preachers.”

Further, Ferguson observes that what drove the Puritans was the glory of a triune God, and they work that out in the life of the believer. He also says that we can be so absorbed in our own experience, pursuing our own godliness so that we are frustrated in that pursuit because we have ignored the One who gives us godliness.

Fascinating lecture.

Sinclair Ferguson on the Puritans >>>

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