Why Every Calvinist should be a Premillenialist: Revisited

Without a doubt, one of the most talked about, blogged about messages in the past two years was given by John MacArthur at the 2007 Shepherd’s Conference. Maybe you remember it.

When I wrote a post about this message I fielded numerous comments that attempted to begin a heated debate within my comment section. No other post has generated such a strong interest in debate. None of these comments were published because FBH is not designed to be a forum for debate.

Two years later, that original post continues to be the second most trafficked post on this site to this day, and as I listen to many interviews and discussions, others continue to reference MacArthur’s message, both for good and for ill.

My intent in bringing attention to this message again is not to stir up controversy, or to assert my posture for or against. In the foment following the Shepherd’s conference there were an abundance of scathing attacks against MacArthur by people who did not hear the message and would not pay the $3 to download it.

The Shepherd Conference message is still available for a fee. However, now that the MacArthur vaults at Grace to You are open for free, you can download MacArthur’s 3 Sunday sermons by a less-than-insinuating title that developed into the Shepherd’s Conference message. So if you missed the Shepherd’s conference message, you can now listen to a much longer examination of the same subject.

Why Every Calvinist Should be a Premillinialist:

Part 1 >>>

Part 2 >>>

Part 3 >>>

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