Grudem Systematic Theology lectures

grudem_systheo.jpgWayne Grudem is currently teaching a series of classes on Systematic Theology at Scottsdale Bible Church based on his excellent book by the same name. The course is called ‘Christian Essentials.’ This is a great series to get a solid introduction to systematic theology. I have organized the lectures here according to his Systematic Theology book which has 7 parts. He is currently finished with Parts 1 and 2, and is beginning Part 3 on the doctrine of man. What a treasure this series is to the church.

Christian Essentials (Grudem’s Systematic Theology)>>>

10 thoughts on “Grudem Systematic Theology lectures

  1. Thanks for posting this info. I am currently studying Grudem’s book and look forward to exploring these links you have provided.

    God Bless!

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  3. JV, the site that holds Grudem’s lectures has intermittent problems. I don’t know what it is specifically, but it seems their server goes down, and then a few hours later it’s up again. Just keep trying.

  4. The podcast of these is on iTunes. Just search for it in the iTunes store — the complete bunch ready to download for free.

  5. It is stated in the introduction to “Eschatology: Wayne Grudems Systematic Theology Lectures” that ” Wayne spends on entire message looking at premillennialism, which is the view he holds.” This is NOT correct. I just listened to a lecture by Wayne Grudem where he states “I don’t hold to Pre-Tribulation Rapture” which is an integral part of premillennialism. This lecture may be heard or downloaded at: .

  6. The links and server are old and have all been updated. All lessons that Dr. Wayne Grudem can be listened to with outlines at the class website of Scottsdale Bible Church. There are seven years of teaching lessons covering, Systematic Theology, Faith and Politics and currently in new series called Christian Ethics along with many guest speakers.
    New link –

  7. Just where did you get the points to create ““Grudem Systematic Theology lectures | Faith by Hearing”?
    Thanks for your effort ,Kim

  8. thank you Dr. Grudem.. for your amazing Lovely and sound doctrine. God bless your ministry.

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