The Challenge of the New Perspective on Biblical Justification

Ligon Duncan and John Piper join Al Mohler on his radio program to discuss the doctrine of justification and the challenges posed by the New Perspective on Paul.

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N. T. Wright: Interviews, Debates, Addresses

N. T Wright is a theologian who is both fascinating and troubling.  He is one of the key proponents, and certainly the most formidable and eloquent, of the New Perspectives on Paul crowd.  This position of his is troubling, and has put him in the crosshairs of public debate and criticism from the likes of John Piper, Don Carson, and a host of other strong opponents.  This is troubling.

Yet, N. T. Wright has written some excellent and theologically solid books that, if it were not for his NPP stance, he would be largely embraced by the wider evangelical crowd.  His book The Resurrection of the Son of God is arguably the best book ever written on that subject.  I decided to listen to some of Wrights messages aside from the NPP justification issue to get a better picture of this man.

Wright is an excellent communicator who is able to handle very difficult and complex subject matter in a way that is informative and clear to non-theologians.  The messages linked here are biblically solid and very informative.

Travin Wax interviews N. T. Wright at Ausbury Theological Seminary, and the mp3 is posted on the site ‘Said At Southern’.

N.T. Wright Interview on Said At Southern >>>

N.T. Wright debates Bart Erhmann on the Problem of Evil.  Wright’s arguments far outshine Erhmann’s petty rants, which rarely deal with the issues that Wright raises in opposition.

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Wright gives a lecture and Q&A at Lake Avenue Church in Pasadena.  He looks at the importance of Christian virtue:  ‘virtue’ meaning not something that is just good and right, but rather something that only comes from training oneself in righteousness in things that do not come naturally.  “Virtue is what happens when wise and courageous choices and actions become second nature.

Learning the Language of Life: New Creation & Christian Virture>>>

Following the release of Wrights book Simply Christian, he has interviewed and has given addresses about it’s central message a number of times

Wright interviewed by Inner Compass at Calvin College.

Simply Christian Interview at Calvin College >>>

Wright address “Simply Christian: Why Christianity Makes Sense” given at the Veritas Forum

Why Christianity Makes Sense part 1>>>

Why Christianity Makes Sense part 2>>>

You can find a larger list of N. T. Wright audio here.