Reading and Studying the Bible for Life, Gordon Fee

Gordon Fee is a man who I have a high regard for.  I was introduced to him through reading his powerful book God’s Empowering Presence which is one of the best books on the Holy Spirit I’ve ever read.  I’m looking forward to reading his latest work Pauline Christology and the older classic Listening to the Spirit of the Text.

In Reading and Studying the Bible for Life, Fee sets out to help Christians improve the spiritual discipline we spend the most time at — reading the Bible.  He begins by showing how great the need is and how far off the mark we are in good reading habits.  We are a society that lives in noise, and we are loosing the ability to spend long periods of time in quiet to read.  Fee also suggests that the division of Scripture into chapters and verses is a great historical tragedy because the result is that we tend to read Scripture without the context.  Our devotional attitude toward Scripture causes us to seek personal words for the day, like a verse of the day, and it cripples our ability to understand the text.

At the heart of Fee’s message to Christians is that they learn to read the Bible contextually, which will curb subjective and distorted interpretations of the text.  To read the Bible carefully is ultimately to be an attentive and faithful listener sitting at the feet of our Lord.  This is a series of messages every Western Christian should listen to carefully, at least once a year.

Fee is currently a professor at Regent College, and has been a professor at many other seminaries including Wheaton and Gordon-Conwell.

These messages are based on the material found in Fee’s book How to Read the Bible for All It’s Worth, and his companion book How to Read the Bible Book by Book.  These are two books that should be on the shelf of every Christian home.

Reading the Studying the Bible for Life is hosted by Union University:

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Why We Believe the Bible, John Piper

John Piper’s seminar for the Bethlehem Institute focused on questions surrounding Scripture, it’s canonicity, reliability and answering critics of the Bible. As to be expected, Piper is very thoughtful and provides a lot of wise advice, as well has historical information, that will open your eyes and help you think more solidly about Scripture.

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How to Understand the Bible: Keys to Rightly Handling the Truth

When an excellent Bible expositor who engages in Bible exposition daily talks about how to correctly exposit Scripture, we need to listen. Steve Lawson’s 3 part series will benefit you whether you are a new Christian or pastor. Steve is pastor of Christ Fellowship Baptist Church, Mobile, Alabama.

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John MacArthur at Omaha Bible Church

MacArthur was a guest of Omaha Bible Church (in 2005) and brought some very important messages. He was interviewed on a radio show where he talked a little about his beginnings in ministry, but the bulk of the discussion focused on the battle for the sufficiency and clarity of Scripture and the integrity of the gospel message, which is under attack from within the church. The other messages elaborated on this topic in more detail.

Messages are:

Standing for the Truth
Leadership Meeting address
Radio Interview

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How to Interpret the Bible: Wayne Grudem

In a 7 part series, Wayne Grudem explains how every Christian should interpret the Bible, in an accessible and very understandable way.  These lessons are a slight detour from his lessons on the clarity and reliability of Scripture. 

Grudem begins his series stating that Christian’s don’t need a seminary education to be able to understand the Bible.  Scripture is clear and understandable.  It was meant to be read by everyone. The only thing Christians need education in is to refine the skill of interpretation that they have already been using, and to uproot bad interpretive habits.

Grudem lays out a very helpful historical framework which serves as a big picture aide to help place certain parts of Scripture in their proper contexts, so that a proper interpretation will be easier to arrive at.  This is a great series of easy to digest lessons that are immediately helpful and easy to remember.  I highly recommend this series.

How to Interpret the Bible: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7

Grudem Systematic Theology lectures

grudem_systheo.jpgWayne Grudem is currently teaching a series of classes on Systematic Theology at Scottsdale Bible Church based on his excellent book by the same name. The course is called ‘Christian Essentials.’ This is a great series to get a solid introduction to systematic theology. I have organized the lectures here according to his Systematic Theology book which has 7 parts. He is currently finished with Parts 1 and 2, and is beginning Part 3 on the doctrine of man. What a treasure this series is to the church.

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