The Rise of Pentecostalism

What are the roots of Pentecostalism? How did it rise? How did it become what it is today?  These are timely questions given the recent Strange Fire Conference. In the face of the dust storm that has followed I would like to suggest listening to Pastor Tom Nelson’s concluding message on church history that answers these questions and provides a clarifying light on the rise and development of Pentecostalism and Neo-Pentecostalism, also known as the Charismatic movement.

Did you know Pentecostalism owes it’s theological heritage to a major error in John Wesley’s Methodism?  Did you know that Pentecostalism is uniquely a “Made in America” product? Did you know that the beginnings of Pentecostalism can be pinpointed to particular individuals at a particular location on January 1, 1901?

If you lean toward Pentecostal or Charismatic beliefs this is your heritage, and I’ll warn you, it’s not pretty. Nelson views the Pentecostal/Charismatic movement as being as destructive to Christianity as 19th century Liberalism.

By the way, Nelson gave this message in the Spring of 1999.

The Rise of Pentecostalism >>>


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