Terry Johnson on Public Prayer

If you are a pastor, elder or worship leader, how much have you thought about the public prayers that  define your Sunday morning service?  If you have not, may I recommend this message by Terry Johnson, pastor of Independant Presbyterian Church in Savannah, Georgia.

Terry provides a very strong, and convicting, case for well thought out public prayer.  He rightly states that our the state of prayer in most churches emphasizes the spontaneous prayer that is more often plagued by cliché and empty words. Prayer is more often caught than taught, and for that reason, the minister should offer a great deal of public prayer that is careful, saturated in Scripture, and distinct from our rambling, personal prayer lives.

On a more sober note, Terry suggests that the public prayer life of a church is reflects the true heart of the minister’s dependence upon God.  Churches that have nothing more than a few token, thoughtless prayers reveal a leadership that is more dependent upon self than on God.

This message is not merely theoretical, it is full of ideas and suggestions that can easily be implemented.  But the foundation for healthy public prayer is a sincere personal prayer life.

Johnson references Hughes Oliphant Old quite frequently, and recommends his book Leading in Prayer: A Workbook for Ministers.  I have this book and frequent it myself, and I can recommend it from my own experience.  It’s an excellent resource.

Public Prayer mp3 >>>

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