Arturo Azurdia and the Doctrines of Grace

Have you ever been confused by what the fuss is all about regarding the five points of Calvinism, which is also known as the Doctrines of Grace?  If so, I recommend Arturo Azurdia’s Wednesday chapel series entitled “So Great a Salvation.”

“So Great a Salvation” is a series of five messages, each covering one of the five points of Calvinism, and then concludes with a Q& A. This is one of the best and most level-headed treatments of the subject I’ve ever listened to. I really appreciated Azurdia’s new labels for each of the five points, making these doctrines much more accessible and clear.  And for one who once struggled to understand “limited atonement” I found Azurdia’s treatment of “Intentional Atonement” to be a masterful message.

1. The Human Dilemma

2. God’s Sovereign Choosing

3. The Intentional Atonement of Jesus Christ

4. The Grace that Overcomes

5. Perseverence and Preservation

Even if you’re not interested in “Calvinism” as an “-ism”, you will find this series helpful and enjoyable because “Calvinism” is about the distinguishing marks of God’s plan of Salvation.

So Great a Salvation >>>

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