Introducing John Owen

John Owen is an unusual, larger-than-life figure of Puritan church history, and arguably one of the few towering theologians Britain has ever produced.  And who better to provide a helpful introduction to this incredible man, than Michael Reeves.

Owen was a mild mannered, wealthy academician by day, and a political conspirator by night, while producing some of the most magisterial theological works of the Puritan generation.  He had eleven children, all of whom he would bury.

As we’ve come to expect, Reeves is a wonderful teacher who knows his subject well and is able to capture your attention and paint a picture of life in past ages.  I thoroughly enjoyed this 3 part series on John Owen.

Reeves suggests the two best books to read to get introduced to Owen are Communion with the Triune God and Volume 1 of his Works by Banner of Truth, The Glory of Christ.

Introducing John Owen >>>

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