Think! 2010 Desiring God National Conference

Okay, the Think! Conference was in October.  It’s almost January and I haven’t posted anything about it. To be honest, I struggled with what I should and should not say about it.

Was it good? It was fabulous. Almost all of the messages were phenomenal: Piper, Sproul, DeYoung, Mohler, Anyabwile and Alcorn were very stong.  This was also my first taste of Francis Chan and Tillian Tchividjian and I was very impressed and humbled by their messages. A load of great material from this conference.

The conference opened with Rick Warren, and this is where I struggled. Ricks message was great, in fact excellent, until he got to the end. He discussed the reality that spiritual warfare presents against thinking and the truth of God. But at the end it all seemed to implode. Rick Warren’s view of application is horrific, because it drives him to believe that churches are preaching and teaching believers too much. In his reasoning, the more we preach and teach the more “applications” people have to apply to their lives, and we can only really apply so much in a given week.  A pseudo-therapeutic gospel? I also disagree with Warren’s view of “vision”, though that’s an unfair assessment since he didn’t have the platform to engage with Piper’s differing view of vision.  Piper does engage these two things in the follow up discussion, which unfortunately Warren was not able to participate in, but I wish he had been much stronger on the application issue.  I’ll leave it at that.

My recommendation: get these messages, including Rick Warren’s.  The first part was a message I would have been proud to have preached.

Think! Conference >>>


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