Audio Christmas Ideas for the Family

As more and more people are buying iPods, iPhones, and iPads, audio gifts will be more and more welcome.  So here are a number of gift ideas in the audio category.

Jonathan Park Audio series

Product DetailsThis series has been a big hit with my kids, and we have ordered the new addition to this series for this year. Jonathan Park and his family investigate the wonders of the world from a creationist perspective and battle the forces of evolutionary theory.  These series are chocked full of scientific information that will equip you and your children to handle those who oppose creationism and promote evolution.

View Jonathan Park Titles at Amazon.

Purchase the new Jonathan Park installment ‘The Voyage Beyond’ at Amazon.

Word of Promise Audio Bible MP3

The Word of Promise: Complete Audio Bible MP3-CDI’ve just started listening to this audio Bible and am really enjoying it.  Max McLean’s audio Bible has been my favorite for years.  The Word of Promise Bible brings audio dramatics with music, sound effects and voice actors to play the roles.  This is read from the NKJV.  If you decide to get this Bible, one word of warning — do not purchase it from iTunes.  The iTunes version is broken down into a handful of files, making it impossible to select books and chapters.  Make sure you purchase the MP3 CD.

Purchase Word of Promise MP3 CD at Amazon.

Max McLean The Listener’s Bible MP3 CD

The Listener's Bible - ESV (4 MP3 CDs)My all-time favorite audio Bible is Max McLean’s recording of the ESV translation. I’ve been through this one many times and still love it. I’m not sure the iTunes version has all the broken down files as is wanting in the Word of Promise version.  If you opt for iTunes, check the comments to see if there are any angry purchasers who encountered the same problem.

Purchase The Listener’s Bible MP3 CD at Amazon.

Pilgrim’s Progress narrated by Max McLean

The Pilgrim's Progress (Listener's Collection of Classic Christian Literature)Another winner by McLean is his narration of the classic Pilgrim’s Progress.  Pilgrims Progress can be a challenging read, but Max makes it very entertaining and lively. Highly recommended.

Purchase Pilgrim’s Progress at Amazon

Colin Buchanan CD’s & DVD’s

TBoom Chicka Boom CDhis list wouldn’t be complete without this Australian’s  fun work. Colin is a Christian musician who creates music for kids and adults.  He’s a big hit in our home and he could be in yours as well.

Hop over to Colin’s web store.


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