Martyn-Lloyd Jones Fall Line-up

The MLJ Trust is planning to release a small selection of wonderful sermons on Oneplace from some of Lloyd-Jones most requested series from now until Christmas.  Here is the meat of their announcement.

On September 5th we are beginning a brand new series on Oneplace which will, over the next four months, feature Dr lloyd-Jones’s four majour series of sermons. These are Romans, Ephesians, The Gospel of John and the Book of Acts. For example, September will feature two sermons from Dr Lloyd-Jones’s Friday night series, dating from 1955, on the book of Romans, and October will feature two sermons from Ephesians. The series will conclude at Christmas with the sermon “Declared to be the Son of God” from the Romans series.
Our sermon for the 5th &12th of September will be the first in the Romans series, titled “A Man Called Paul”, in which Dr. Lloyd-Jones takes a close look at the man whose letters have so influenced the Church down the centuries. He describes him as one of the finest intelects the Church has ever known. We do hope that these sermons will be of spiritual value to you.

To those who have been able to donate to our ministry, we thank you so much. For those who have not had an opportunity, but would like to help us continue funding this ministry, a link to our donations page is at the bottom left of this eMail (your VeriSign secured contribution will be processed by Groundspring, a member of Network for Good). As a reminder, the MLJ Trust is 501 (c) (3) charitable consisting of four Board members who volunteer their time, and no staff. You can learn more about us at


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