Jim Hamilton Series on Revelation

Jim Hamilton is another preacher I turned to for audio help on preparing my Revelation study, though, admittedly, he’s the last of the 4 who I will listen to if time allows.  Given that, I don’t even remember where he stands on the Millennium, though I suspect he’s Premil. Since he’s number 4 he doesn’t really get a fair shake in my Revelation posts.

Revelation at Kenwood Baptist >>>

2 thoughts on “Jim Hamilton Series on Revelation

  1. As I understand, Hamilton is historic pre-mill — apparently of the George Ladd variety (as opposed to, say, 19th century historic pre-mill Spurgeon, J.C. Ryle, Bonar, etc). He participated in an eschatology forum at John Piper’s church last year, as the only representative of the pre-millennial position, and the forum never once dealt with the issue of Israel.

  2. Actually, Hamilton was not the only premill; Piper was there!!! And Piper “piped” in a few times. I think the premills had a bit more opportunity to speak, and Jim interrupted Storms (amill) quite a bit. I think they mostly put the heat on Doug Wilson, the posmill rep, but he did quite well giving an answer without working up a sweat.

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