Hitchens debates Hitchens

British correspondent Peter Hitchens public debates his brother Christopher Hitchens in the United States.

Peter talks about the hostility toward religion he witnessed in the dying of the Soviet Union, and equates what the new atheists are doing in a new and reforged manner.

If you drive God out of the world, then you create a howling wilderness.

And a very accurate observation about our Western society:

This country ceased to be truly Christian in terms of people genuinely, consciously, and in an educated way believing the Christian faith after the first world war.  People continue to behave as if they were Christians.  And society continues to function as if it’s a Christian society for some time after it was gone. We’ve been living the past 40 or 50 years in the afterglow of Christianity.  But eventually the darkness falls.

The audio IS NOT a recording of the debate.  It is a oral summation given by Andy Kaiser. However there are links to 14 YouTube videos of the debate.

Hitchens vs. Hitchens >>>

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