8WTB 2010 Week 4

This week I covered 168 chapters at about 8 hours and ten minutes.  So far I”m right on target with my estimate, being in the Psalms at the end of week 4.

DAY 16
1 Chronicles 11 to 2 Chronicles 17
From David anointed King to Jehoshaphat’s reign.

DAY 17
1 Chronicles 18 to Ezra 10
From Jehoshaphat’s alliance with Ahab to the exiles guilt of intermarriage.

DAY 18
Nehemiah 1  to Job 6
Nehemiah’s prayer to rebuild Jerusalem’s walls to Job’s answer to his first foolish counselor Eliphaz.

DAY 19
Job 7  to Job 32
Job’s answer that life is hard and harsh to Elihu rebuking Job’s three friends.

DAY 20
Job 33  to Psalm 48
Elihu’s rebuke of Job to the Psalm of Zion, the City of our God

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