Meet the Puritans with Joel Beeke

Joel Beeke’s book “Meet the Puritans” is a tremendous resource if you are a reader of the Puritans.  It’s a catalog and description of Puritan works organized by author, and gives information on latest printings of these works so that you can find them. It also includes historical tidbits and a number of good bio’s on various Puritans.

Beeke has been reading the Puritans since he was 14, and he now operates Reformation Heritage Publishers which reprints a vast catalog of Puritan writings that you will not find anywhere else.

The team at Christ the Center discusses “Meet the Puritans” with Joel Beeke.

Meet the Puritans >>>

One thought on “Meet the Puritans with Joel Beeke

  1. I just picked up this book and feel like it’s the most comprehensive book on the Puritans out there. Absolutely fantastic resource for my library.

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