You Can’t, But You Must! Dan Phillips

You may know of Dan Phillips from the Pyromaniacs blog.  Well, here is one of his sermons that he preached at Soaring Oaks Presbyterian Church in Elk Grove, California.  His text is Matthew 26:41.

Dan’s message is very conversational, and meanders quite a bit, but the ending is powerful. Here are some quotes to give you a flavor.

Do you think you are a match for Satan?…Do you have any clue of what Satan is? Satan is devoted 24/7 to just tempting little morsels like you and me. And he’s been doing it thousands of years….he’s merciless. He’s powerful beyond what you can imagine. Are you a match for that? Are you that smart? Are you that strong? Have you ever fought a battle of that nature with your own strength and wisdom and come off the winner?

Are you a match for the seduction of sin? Do you have any idea of what sin does?… Sin comes into your mind with an effective self defence system. The moment a person loves and embraces a sin, and makes it tbeir own, a process starts going in his brain that destroys his power of thinking an dmoral sense. Sin is impervious to facts, and logic, and Scripture, as long as a person loves it and clings to it. Every person who sins thinks that he’s noble, and thinks his sin is different. And if you try to him from the Word of God about it, he will hate you, and think you don’t understand him. And he will feel like a martyr because his sin is different. It’s special, because he’s special. Because sin comes in with that sulphuric whiff of Hell that made Lucifer into the devil–of pride…an attempt at deicide….do you have any idea of the rationalizing power of your passions?

Buckle up your seat belt!

You Can’t, But You Must >>>


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