Support the Reformed Forum


I would like to put in a plug for the Reformed Forum.  If you frequent my blog you will quickly realize I am a big fan of Reformed Forums podcast called Christ the Center.  This is a show put together by 5 gents who are students and/0r ministers:  Camdem Bucey, Jeff Waddington, Nik Batzig, Jim Cassidy, and James Dolezal.

These guys run the Reformed Forum and produce these podcasts without any salary. It’s a labor of love.  And they manage to get some great guests on here who you wouldn’t otherwise know about.  The service they perform for the church is outstanding.

They have recently made a request for financial resources to help them purchase new equipment so that they increase the quality of their productions, and increase their offerings to include such things as video.  I would encourage you to make a contribution on the Reformed Forum website to support these wonderful chaps and their efforts.

Gentlemen of the Reformed Forum, thank you for your hard work.

Support the Reformed Forum >>>


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