On the Dark Side of the Moon?

While it may seem not much has been happening here on the blog, behind the scenes I’ve still be listening to a lot of material.  Here’s what I’ve been doing:

Over the past year I’ve accumulated a load of Martyn Lloyd-Jones sermons from Living Grace and decided to spend a few weeks immersing myself in the messages of the Doctor.  There are so few preachers who have the power and insight of Lloyd-Jones. If you haven’t benefited from the ministry of Living Grace, I encourage you to visit the site at One Place.

I’m also preparing to teach through the book of Revelation to my church’s Bible study soon.  Revelation is a daunting book, and further the wide variety and strong polarity of interpretation is overwhelming.  So I have been methodically listening to a number of preachers from different perspectives — men such as Arturo Azurdia (amil), John MacArthur (premil), John Fesko, Jim Hamilton, and others.  I haven’t found an engaging postmil preacher yet, and may not since that position I find to be one of the least convincing perspectives.  John Fesko’s messages have been very helpful since he tends to broadcast the strongest arguments of a variety of men.

In a future post I’ll tackle these series in Revelation in much more detail, and hopefully, with some greater insight than I’m able to do at the moment.

So, for the next few months it may still seem like FBH is hovering on the dark side of the moon, but it won’t be because we’re not working.

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