Restoration Prophecy in Ezra-Nehemiah

Very interesting discussion at Christ the Center with Matthew Patton about the “already/not yet” eschatology found in Ezra and Nehemiah.  Some of the discussion is challenging, but other parts are incredibly helpful, such as the discussion of typology.  From the site:

The Christ the Center corporal’s guard spoke with Matthew Patton, PhD student in biblical studies at Wheaton College Graduate School in Wheaton, IL about his paper “Searching for a Truly Repentant Israel: Ezra-Nehemiah and Restoration Prophecy.” A very fascinating discussion was had about such things as the already/not yet eschatology of Ezra-Nehemiah and how even though Israel was back in the land, they had not returned from exile. The significance of typology was also addressed. One of the strengths of Matt’s research is that he shows the intertexuality of the various parts of the Bible. This paper particularly highlights Nehemiah’s prayer and his citations and allusions to Leviticus, Deuteronomy, and 1st Kings. This discussion augers well for future in-depth biblical theological and exegetical conversations.

Restoration Prophecy >>>

2 thoughts on “Restoration Prophecy in Ezra-Nehemiah

  1. I’ve listened to this interview. Is it possible to read this paper / dissertation by Matthew Patton? I am considering leading a study on Nehemiah and this could be a great resource.

  2. Mike, you will have to track down Matthew somehow. I have no association with him. Try looking him up at Wheaton College, or perhaps the gents at Reformed Forum can help you.

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