An Evening of Eschatology

John Piper hosted a very exciting roundtable discussion with three of his friends looking at some issues of eschatology.  Those friends are Doug Wilson, Sam Storms, and Jim Hamilton, and each one represents one of three escatalogical viewpoints: Postmillenialism, Amillenialism and Premillenialism respectively.

This discussion will stretch your mind, if you are not familiar with the variety of millenial views.   Far from being a discouraging discussion, this is a very helpful and encouraging discussion, and shed light on the views that I personally do not hold.  We should be willing to delve into these deep waters rather than to avoid them due to the confusion that surrounds them.

An Evening of Eschatology >>>

3 thoughts on “An Evening of Eschatology

  1. this was such a great conversation these guys had. Sam Storms is such a passionate guy, you just see his love for the Scriptures pouring out in his defense of his position, and Doug Wilson was hilarious! I personally share Doug’s view, but what a great addition to that group. This could have been a very cold, wooden conversation, but because of these three guys and their vibrant minds, it was anything but.

    Highly recommended.


  2. It would have been nice for Piper to seek out a more mainstream orthodox Postmillennialist (Keith Mathison? Francis Nigel Lee?). Since this view is often the least understood, dialogue would have been better served with someone who is respected in Reformed thought and not a leader of a group that has been condemned by essentially every major conservative Reformed or Presbyterian denomination in the USA.

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