Al Mohler on the Future of the Southern Baptist Convention

Al Mohler recently gave an address to the Southern Baptist Convention.  The purpose of the message was to call the SBC to take action in how it must restructure itself for the future, or find itself obsolete.  And the guidance for that restructuring must be to return to Biblical principles.

Mohler begins by narrating a lengthy history of the formation of the SBC, it’s initial purposes, and how it developed over the years to become the institution it is today.  Being an life long SBC guy myself, Mohler’s reflection of his own young years in the SBC was somewhat like a trip down memory lane.  And now that I’m older, in hindsight I see the motivation behind some of the madness I observed (remember the RA’s and Training Union?).

Mohler explains how the business model of General Motors influenced the structure of the SBC.  He also compares the SBC to the philosophy of the mall in America, and how the decline of the mall and decline of GM both signal the imminent decline of the SBC if it does not rise to the challenge and make the necessary changes.

Fascinating address and urgent call to arms.

The Future of the SBC >>>


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