Puritan Picks DVD Lending Library

Not an audio resource (I know I’m stepping out of my zone here) but Puritan Picks is a DVD library you will want to check out.  Puritan Picks is a Christian “Netflicks”.  They carry a wide selection of videos, from movies and documentaries to debates and conferences.  Did you miss a Ligonier or T4G conference?  Check out the DVD at Puritan Picks.  Want to see a debate between James White and Bart Ehrmann?  Check it out at Puritan Picks.  Don’t want to lay out $15.00 for a potentially lousy Christian film or documentary?  Check it out at Puritan Picks.

No service for those in Canada (bummer).

Puritan Picks >>>


2 thoughts on “Puritan Picks DVD Lending Library

  1. I’ve been using Puritan Picks for a few months now. They have a wide selection of movies, documentaries, conferences, etc. and they ship quickly. They also just added a feature where you can check a box letting them know you’ve shipped back what you have and they’ll send the next item on your queue before they get yours back. Check them out !

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