Conrad Mbewe: Christianity in Sub-Saharan Africa

9 Marks Mark Dever interviews Conrad Mbewe about his ministry and work in Zimbabwe.

Christianity in Sub-Saharan Africa >>>


2 thoughts on “Conrad Mbewe: Christianity in Sub-Saharan Africa

  1. lol. I listened to this a couple weeks ago. And before that I had been collecting books to send oversees (After hearing about the Bare Your Bookshelve proeject). After hearing the interview in which he mentions his library is smaller than the bookshelf behind his interviewer (Dever) I had to send him some (besides I hadn’t heard back from the Bare Your Bookshelf people; so this was providence!)
    So, just THIS morning, after exchanging an email, I mailed him ~18 used (but not being used) books (shipping was only 82 bucks, (cheap!)).

    Anyways, great interview.

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