John Lennox: Challenger to the New Atheists

John Lennox is a mathematician and philosopher of science at Oxford, and he is a staunch defender of Christianity from the attacks of the new atheists.  He has debated the likes of Richard Dawkins.  Lennox brings sound reasoning and powerful arguments to the table as he considers the assaults new atheism has erected in the public eye.  There is quite a bit of audio material  online that is very helpful and interesting.  John’s site includes a number of interviews and debates, as well as a host of short 2 to 6 minute video clips that address a particular issue relevant to the criticisms of atheists.

Dawkins Lennox Debate (the “God Delusion Debate”) hosted at the University of Alabama.

The Feed A resource of mulit-lingual Bible resources that Lennox is involved with.

BBC Interview with John Lennox, interviewer Tim Bearder.

Fixed Point Foundation.  Organization that has organized the debates between Lennox and Dawkins.

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