Eschatology: Wayne Grudems Systematic Theology Lectures

As Wayne wraps up his 5 year long series of lectures going through his excellent Systematic Theology, he looks at the varying views of the millennium, final judgment, hell, and the new heavens and new earth.

Wayne spends  little time on the Post-millennial view because it’s based on very few and very weak proof-texts.  Amillennalism takes more time since this is a very popular view in many reformed circles.  There is also a helpful discussion on Preterism and Dispensationalism. Wayne spends on entire message looking at premillennialism, which is the view he holds.

Final judgement and eternal punishment take up another lecture, followed by a look at the New Heavens and the New Earth.

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3 thoughts on “Eschatology: Wayne Grudems Systematic Theology Lectures

  1. It is stated in the introduction to “Eschatology: Wayne Grudems Systematic Theology Lectures” that ” Wayne spends on entire message looking at premillennialism, which is the view he holds.” This is NOT correct. I just listened to a lecture by Wayne Grudem where he states “I don’t hold to Pre-Tribulation Rapture” which is an integral part of premillennialism. This lecture may be heard or downloaded at: .


  2. Of course, Pre-Tribulation Rapture is not necessary to premillennialism, since one can hold either a mid-trib or post-trib rapture position and still be premillennial, right?

  3. Cliff, you are very mistaken. You misunderstand the difference between Historic Premillenialism and DIspensational Premillienialism. Pre-trib Rapture is the perspective of Dispensational Premillenialism, Post-Trib Rapture is the position of Historic Premil. For other adherents to Historic Premil, see John Piper, James Hamilton, Charles Spurgeon, Justin Martyr, etc.

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