The Pastor as Scholar and the Scholar as Pastor

John Piper and Don Carson address in their unique ways, Piper lo0king at the Pastor as Scholar, and Carson looking at the Scholar as Pastor.  Both provide very intriguing reflections of their ministries.   Both talk about influences.  Both look at how important writing is to their ministry.  “I learn as I write and I write as I learn” as John Calvin was quoted.

Piper talks about how his slow reading speed was difficult for him as a student, but now talks about how slow reading allows him to savor what is written.  He also relates how he was terrified to speak in public.  He also talks about how the greatest lessons he learned  that now help him in ministry were in geometry and biology.

Carson gives 12 points of advice for ministry, some he’s said before in other addresses, but always important to hear and apply.

These messages were given at the Henry Center.

Pastor as Scholar and Scholar as Pastor >>>

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