Mark Dever on Al Mohler’s Radio Program

Mark Dever and Al Mohler got together on Al’s radio show to talk about a wide variety of issues. First and foremost, they talked about how preaching is sorely lacking in the church today, which brings awesome implications if you consider Martin Luther’s statement that a church isn’t a church unless the preaching of the Word is there.  People are converted and fill these churches, but they are starved.

Mohler makes the powerful observation that good preaching reaches into the deep recesses of the heart where only the Holy Spirit can go.  A good church fundamentally must be a preaching church.

The questions they field from callers and emails are:

  • Where is the theology behind altar calls?
  • What should we make about home churches and their move toward discussion instead of preaching?
  • How do you explain the glory of God in connection to those who will go to hell?
  • What is the best argument to use for an atheist that conscious isn’t formed by society?
  • What are the problems with the Emerging Church movement?

Mark Dever & Al Mohler discussion >>>

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