Spiritual Gifts: Grudem Sys Theo

Wayne Grudem takes 3 sessions to look carefully at the gifts of the Holy Spirit for the believer in general.  This does not include a specific look at the ecstatic, charismatic gifts.

I think two of the most helpful things to come out of these 3 sessions, which is not talked about so much, is, one, that these lists of gifts that Paul talks about are not meant to be exhaustive.  There are very common and needed gifts for the proper functioning of the church body, such as pastors, teachers, etc. But the Spirit can gift a believer with a giftedness for some very specific work of God, or gifts that are needed in different ages.

And two, giftedness sometimes changes as the needs around believers change.  We are not given wooden gifts that never change.  Giftedness changes according to God’s work among a people.

The Gifts of the Spirit, chapter 52 >>>

2 thoughts on “Spiritual Gifts: Grudem Sys Theo

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