Puritan Theology

James O’Brien is pastor of Reedy River Presbyterian Church and an avid reader of the Puritans. He joins the Christ The Center team to talk about the Puritans and how we should read them. This is another one of those discussions where you will want pen and paper in hand to write down authors (many I’ve never heard of before), titles, websites and addresses. The Puritans were certainly a unique movement in the history of the church, and they have left an overwhelming wealth of material that we can benefit from. Discussions like this help one to navigate the Puritan sea.

Some of the discussion tackles the difficult aspect of some Puritan writing which often leaves true Christians in doubt of their salvation. O’Brien argues that much of this must be read with the audience in view, which was culturally religious and culturally pious, lacking true conversion.

Google Books and Archive.com carry a wealth of these Puritan books in digitized form, and they have both been added to the links on the Faith By Hearing site if you wish to check them out.

Sony PRS-700BC Reader Digital Book

The Sony e-Reader would be a great tool for Puritan lovers as Google Books has recently made a deal with Sony to open up their archives of 600,000 books to the Sony e-Reader, and Google will soon have 1.5 million titles available. Kindle currently has under 300,000 titles. The difference is that Kindle carries newer books. Google’s titles are all old, public domain works, which is perfect for Church History and theology lovers. With Google Books you could have hundreds of Puritan books for your e-Reader, which has created the same easy-on-the-eyes screen that Amazon Kindle has. And the new Sony PRS-700 has touchscreen technology.

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