Carson: A Crucial Call to Faithfulness on Gender Issues

Don Carson is one of the most searched for speakers on this blog, and with good reason.  Don’s messages not only provide great theology, he teaches you how to think and work through the difficulties of a passage or issue.  And he has certainly changed my mind on a few issues.  He also very wisely chooses not to provide specific applications on certain things because they must be worked out by individuals or leadership.

This is true of these two messages.  Don breathes fresh clarifying air into the issue of women in positions of authority over men.  He clearly demonstrates a Biblical hermeneutic that is so easy to follow that you will learn good interpretive practices while learning about the gender issues.

Carson admonishes preachers to stop apologizing for God’s Word in the face of an offended culture.  God’s Word is for our good and we need to stand by that over and above the issue at stake.

These messages were given at the Desiring God’s 2009 Different by Design mini conference at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis.

Session 1: The Flow of Thought in 1 Timothy 2 >>>

Session 2: Is the Culture Shaping Us or are We Shaping the Culture? >>>

Different by Design 2009 >>>


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